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Watch this video and more on DanceBody

Watch this video and more on DanceBody

15 min Habit Hacking w/ Maria McEvoy



  • Perseverance Meditation w/ Julie Sacks

    Meditation expert, Julie Sacks is the founder of Vie Wellbeing which offers bespoke meditation experiences to elevate and empower others through life’s every day transitions.
    Luckily for us, Julie put together a special meditation just for DanceBody focusing on perseverance, because a person wit...

  • 10 min Goal Setting w/ Maria McEvoy

    Why do most goals fail? Join CEO + Founder, Katia Pryce as she speaks with Life Coach and Organizational Psychologist, Maria McEvoy. Goal setting can feel overwhelming without actionable steps and accountability. Learn the best way to chose your goal and get it off your "to-do" list once and for ...