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Watch this video and more on DanceBody

Watch this video and more on DanceBody

8 min Plank Burst w/ Emily

UNDER 10 MINUTES • 7m 36s


  • 8 min Shoulders + Back w/ Natalie

    Challenge your back and shoulder stability with this upperr body burnout with Natalie. Using the BodyBand, feel the resistance throughout the entire workout guaranteed to fire up your back, shoulders, and triceps.

    Equipment Needed: BodyBand
    Suggested Equipment: DanceBands®
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  • 8 min Stability w/ Natalie

    Natalie focuses on ankle, knee, and hip stability as she challenges your balance, stamina, and strength in this quick lower body series.

    Equipment Needed: 2-3lb D-Weights, Resistance Band, HexMat®
    Suggested Equipment: Dance Bands®, Sculpt Bands
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  • 10 Min Advanced Abs w/ Natalie

    Spice up your regular ab routine by adding some resistance, the DanceBody way! Grab your D-Weight and get ready to burnout those abs with Natalie as she leads you through a series focusing on proper engagement.

    Equipment Needed: 2-3lb D-Weights, HexMat®
    Suggested Equipment: Dance Bands®
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