Every week we create a schedule of On Demand videos to ensure you are getting an effective DanceBody workout daily. Each day will include a cardio and sculpt workout, pick one or do both!

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  • 008- Interval Express

    Short on time and space? Try this easy to follow Interval Express class with Marisa! 30 minutes is all you need to get a good sweat on!

    No Equipment Needed
    Suggested Equipment: Dance Bands®
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    Video launched on 7/1/21.

  • 013 - Full Body Sculpt

    This fast paced and advanced Full Body Sculpt class with Emily will fire up muscles you didn't know existed. Make sure you've got all of the DanceBody® equipment for the ultimate burn!

    Equipment Needed: Hex Mat®, Resistance Band, 2-3 lb D-Weights
    Suggested Equipment: Dance Bands®, Sculpt Bands