Brain off, body on, let’s move to our favorite song. We like to rhyme, all the time, enjoy our weekly classes and get in line.

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  • 9:00am ET / 6:00am PT - SIGNATURE - Natalie

    Experience the class that started it all! Signature showcases our set dances. Every three months our choreography changes, giving you the ability to truly practice, perfect, and perform. Give yourself 3-5 classes to get the moves. (45 min)

    Suggested Equipment: Dance Bands™
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  • 10:00am ET / 7:00am PT - SCULPT - Natalie

    Get a DanceBody, without all the dance. Our fast-paced Sculpt class will challenge your body while keeping your energy up - expect to feel muscles you didn’t even know existed. (45 min)

    Equipment Needed: HexMat®
    Suggested Equipment: Dance Bands™, Sculpt Bands
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