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Watch this video and more on DanceBody

Watch this video and more on DanceBody

13 Min Hips + Core w/ Emily



  • 45 Min Full Body w/ Katia

    Join our CEO and Founder, Katia, for our newest class Strength + Stability. In this workout, expect to see exercises that will work to stabilize and strengthen your ankles, knees, hips, core, and shoulders. You will need our BodyBand for this workout.

    Equipment Needed: BodyBand, HexMat®
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  • 14 Min Shoulders + Back w/ Katia

    Using our BodyBand, Katia takes you through necessary exercises to stretch, strengthen, and stabilize your shoulders and back. If you've been working long hours at a computer, these are great moves to practice daily.

    Equipment Needed: BodyBand
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  • 8 min Shoulders + Back w/ Natalie

    Challenge your back and shoulder stability with this upperr body burnout with Natalie. Using the BodyBand, feel the resistance throughout the entire workout guaranteed to fire up your back, shoulders, and triceps.

    Equipment Needed: BodyBand
    Suggested Equipment: DanceBands®
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