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Watch this video and more on DanceBody

Watch this video and more on DanceBody

12 Min Shoulders + Back w/ Marisa



  • 9 Min Shoulders + Back w/ Emily

    This series with Emily will challenge your Shoulder stability and your triceps. It won't take long to feel the resistance the BodyBand provides here. Quick, effective and should be added to your daily routine.

    Equipment Needed: BodyBand, HexMat®
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  • 17 Min Hips + Core w/ Courtnay

    Two essential pieces of equipment, the HexMat and the BodyBand, will be used to challenge your low body and stabilize your core. Courtnay takes you through a spicy mat series that you'll come back to again and again.

    Equipment Needed: Body Band, HexMat®
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  • 18 Min Hips + Core w/ Katia

    Challenge your hips and core with these specific exercises to create stability and strength. By building a strong foundation, your body will operate with more confidence in all you do.

    Equipment Needed: BodyBand
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