Try this week's Sculpt Class curated by our Director of Training, Natalie! These videos were designed to be done as a series - so press play and Keep Moving.

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  • 002 - Cardio Warm Up

    Get your body ready for your workout with this quick warm up led by Courtnay.

    Suggested Equipment: Dance Bands
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  • 012 - Arms - Resistance Band

    In this standing Sculpt workout, Katia uses light resistance to shape your arms.

  • 001 - Plyo Burst

    No equipment necessary! Get your heart rate up with this quick, energetic burst of cardio led by Katia.

    Suggested Equipment: Dance Bands™
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  • 004 - Inner + Outer Thigh - Standing

    You'll be shocked at what a little resistance can do! in this standing Sculpt workout, Courtnay uses 2-3lb D-Weights to tighten and tone your entire body.

    Equipment Needed: 2-3lb D-Weights
    Suggested Equipment: Sculpt Bands
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  • 018 - Arms - D-Weights

    Grab your D-Weights and get ready for this standing Sculpt workout with Katia. Your arms will thank you!

    Equipment Needed: HexMat®, 2lb D-Weights. Suggested- Dance Bands

  • 010 - Inner + Outer Thigh

    This side-lying series led by Katia will refine your shape to give you long, lean, dancer legs.

    Needed: HexMat // Suggested: Sculpt Bands

  • 011 - Abs

    Lying on the HexMat, this advanced ab series with Courtnay leaves no muscle untouched.