Every week we create a schedule of On Demand videos to ensure you are getting an effective DanceBody workout daily. Each day will include a cardio and sculpt workout, pick one or do both!

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  • Signature Q3 2021

    This Signature Dance Cardio workout with Courtnay and Emily showcases our set dances that change every three months, giving you the ability to truly practice, perfect, and perform. Give yourself 3-5 classes to get the moves.

    Don't know the dances? Learn them all here with our Breakdown Bundle: h...

  • 009 - Full Body Sculpt

    Get a DanceBody®, without all the dance. This fast-paced Sculpt class led by Katia, a Resistance Band, and a HexMat® to tone and challenge your body.

    Expect to see moves you’ve never seen, and feel muscles you didn’t even know existed.

    Equipment Needed: HexMat®, Resistance Band, 2-3 lb D-Weight...