The 2-Week DanceBody Reset

The 2-Week DanceBody Reset

The 2-Week DanceBody Reset is designed to rebuild your workout routine with a strong foundation of proper form and increased endurance.

Over 2 weeks, experience daily 60-minute workouts with a member of our training team: Katia, Courtnay, Natalie, and Emily. You will work with the same #DBtrainer for 3 consecutive days. This consistent format will ensure results as you gradually intensify your movement through the program.

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The 2-Week DanceBody Reset

12 Videos

  • Day 1: Emily

    Jump into Day 1 of your DanceBody Reset with Emily. Learn her Dance Cardio routines with proper form and attention to detail as she sets you up for success to start your 2-Week Program.

    Today during your Sculpt portion, Emily will use 2lb D-Weights to slowly start activating the correct muscles...

  • Day 2: Emily

    Today, as you start to become familiar with the movement in Emily’s Dance Cardio, engage your abs first and move second. Learning how to do this will allow you to feel the energy and power in your own body.

    Start to feel the burn during the Sculpt section using a resistance band to awaken the m...

  • Day 3: Emily

    Level up for your last day with Emily! She is going to challenge both your body and brain today by adding quicker combinations into her Dance Cardio.

    For your final day of Emily’s Sculpt section, it’s time to graduate with perfect form, muscle activation, and a smile!

    Equipment Needed: HexMat®...

  • Day 4: Katia

    Continue to push through the week with CEO + Co-Founder, Katia. You will be introduced to her set of Dance Cardio - but don’t forget to keep those abs tight and shoulders relaxed. Remember, when learning new steps, always focus on nailing the footwork first.

    During the Sculpt portion, prepare t...

  • Day 5: Katia

    This is the day you really need to push yourself to Keep Moving! Today during your Dance Cardio, Katia will ask you to find moments of long, light, graceful movement where you can truly lengthen through your body.

    During the sculpt section, Katia will use 2lb D-Weights to take an intense approa...

  • Day 6: Katia

    DanceBody doesn’t just affect your body, it has a huge impact on your mind as well. The only way to truly feel these benefits is to stay consistent - which you’ve already done! Today, Katia will wrap up week one on a high note as you hit every move with confidence during your Dance Cardio.


  • Day 7: Natalie

    Congratulations, you made it to Week 2! Follow Natalie for the next three days as she leads you through a fiery burst of Dance Cardio sequences with slightly faster footwork, followed by full-body sculpting.

    During the Sculpt section, grab your 2lb D-Weights to activate the upper and lower body...

  • Day 8: Natalie

    Today, Natalie directs your focus toward extending into those long, lean, dancer lines. Make the most of every move during the Dance Cardio portion by creating resistance in your muscles.

    For Sculpt today, Natalie utilizes a resistance band to engage your upper and lower body using unique movem...

  • Day 9: Natalie

    For your last day with Natalie, push yourself farther, take less breaks, and hit every move with power as you fly through your Dance Cardio.

    During Sculpt, be prepared for extra reps with added resistance as Natalie forces you to feel this final burnout. Your body and your mind will thank you.

  • Day 10: Courtnay

    This is the final stretch! Follow COO and Co-Founder, Courtnay, as she takes you through your last set of Dance Cardio… and it’s a spicy one! Expect to see fewer repetitions and higher intensity movement.

    During Sculpt, Courtnay will lead you through resistance band exercises that target the ba...

  • Day 11: Courtnay

    The most difficult muscle to master is your mind. Today, don’t allow your mind to limit your movements as Courtnay leads you through the Dance Cardio portion. When you want to stop, tell your mind to quiet down and ask your muscles to step up.

    During Sculpt, Courtnay will take you through an ex...

  • Day 12: Courtnay

    If you’ve made it to today, you have truly undergone a DanceBody Reset. Let’s celebrate by jumping higher, reaching longer, and dancing stronger, this is your grand finale. Give it everything you’ve got - you know Courtnay will!

    For your final Sculpt portion, revisit similar standing ballet mov...