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Watch Day 4: Katia

Watch Day 4: Katia

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Day 4: Katia

The 2-Week DanceBody Reset • 1h 4m

Up Next in The 2-Week DanceBody Reset

  • Day 5: Katia

    This is the day you really need to push yourself to Keep Moving! Today during your Dance Cardio, Katia will ask you to find moments of long, light, graceful movement where you can truly lengthen through your body.

    During the sculpt section, Katia will use 2lb D-Weights to take an intense approa...

  • Day 6: Katia

    DanceBody doesn’t just affect your body, it has a huge impact on your mind as well. The only way to truly feel these benefits is to stay consistent - which you’ve already done! Today, Katia will wrap up week one on a high note as you hit every move with confidence during your Dance Cardio.


  • Day 7: Natalie

    Congratulations, you made it to Week 2! Follow Natalie for the next three days as she leads you through a fiery burst of Dance Cardio sequences with slightly faster footwork, followed by full-body sculpting.

    During the Sculpt section, grab your 2lb D-Weights to activate the upper and lower body...