You’re ready to join nice people dancing to good music. At DanceBody, we LOVE newbies and know that sometimes starting a new workout can feel overwhelming. With that in mind, we’ve compiled easy to follow workouts and tutorials here. Typically, it takes five classes to get into the rhythm of DanceBody. Happy learning, your brain (and body) will thank you.

All we ask is that you just Keep Moving.

  • 14-Day Trial Program

    14 videos

    We’ve designed the perfect plan for you to begin your DanceBody journey. Follow our 14-Day Trial Program for the next two weeks to get a sense of how our workouts feel and flow.

  • Master the Moves: Dance Cardio Part I

    In this tutorial, you will learn Dance Cardio movements that you will see in all of our classes. This is a great way to absorb our style and make sure your feet are moving in the right direction.

  • Technique Tutorials: D-Weights

    With the option of 2 or 3 pounds, our D-Weights are designed for you to lengthen your arms through every move. In this tutorial, you will learn how to properly hold D-Weights to get the most out of every rep.

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  • Technique Tutorials: Resistance Band

    The possibilities are endless with this “must-have” piece of equipment. Providing light resistance, our band gives you a full body workout that delivers a serious burn. In this tutorial, learn to hold and use the Resistance Band to ensure your technique is on point.

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  • Master the Moves: Dance Cardio Part II

    Get your sweat on by learning some of our most common traveling moves in Dance Cardio. The key to success is moving with speed and agility across the floor. Understand how to own your space with 3-step turns, grapevines, and more.

  • Technique Tutorials: Dance Bands®

    The best thing about Dance Bands® is that they can be worn throughout your entire workout. Weighing just under one pound, Dance Bands® will encourage you to move your arms with resistance, like a dancer.

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  • Technique Tutorials: HexMat®

    DanceBody’s greatest invention, our patented HexMat® is cushioned to protect your joints and accommodates all workout positions. Follow our trainer’s cues as you position your body towards the numbered corners to ensure you’re doing the exercises correctly.

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  • Master the Moves: Dance Cardio Part III

    Jumping with proper form is crucial. In this tutorial you will learn how to execute our Dance Cardio jumps with perfect style and grace. Get ready to raise your heart rate with pop ups, leaps, and more.