You’re ready to join nice people dancing to good music. At DanceBody, we LOVE newbies and know that sometimes starting a new workout can feel overwhelming. With that in mind, we’ve compiled easy to follow workouts and tutorials here. Typically, it takes five classes to get into the rhythm of DanceBody. Happy learning, your brain (and body) will thank you.

All we ask is that you just Keep Moving.

  • 14-Day Trial Program

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    We’ve designed the perfect plan for you to begin your DanceBody journey. Follow our 14-Day Trial Program for the next two weeks to get a sense of how our workouts feel and flow.

  • Master the Moves

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  • Technique Tutorials

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  • Learn the Dances

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    Learn the Signature + Full Out Q2 2022 dances, step-by-step with these Breakdown videos. Our dances change every three months so that you can Practice, Perfect, and Perform the movement. You’ll find the accompanying Signature. +. Full Out Q2 2022 classes in our On Demand Library.

  • Hip Hop Hits Breakdowns - May

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    Learn this month’s Hip Hop Hits dances. Our May Bundle includes every dance you’ll see in class this month. Grab your sweats and practice your swagger to slay each dance.