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Join DanceBody LIVE for the best workout routine for women! We offer free online dance classes with our 7-Day Free Trial. Replicate a dance studio in your living room with targeted dance workout exercises to do at home.

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  • Welcome to DanceBody LIVE!

  • Virtual Private Sessions

    Keep Moving your way with a DanceBody Private Session. Get your workouts tailored to you, and focus on your goals by working one-on-one with a DanceBody Trainer to maximize your results. Your friends don't have to be jealous - they can join! Ask us about setting up a Semi-Private Session.

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  • 004 - Full Body Sculpt Express

    Prepare for the burn with KP as she leads you through a full body Sculpt class. Learn her favorite outer thigh leg series that we dare you to do without stopping!

    Equipment Needed: Hex Mat®, Resistance Band, 2-3 lb D-Weights
    Suggested Equipment: Dance Bands™, Sculpt Bands
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  • 010 - Dance Cardio Int/Adv

    Keep Moving with Natalie + Emily with this killer 35 minute dance cardio class. Tighten up your ponytail, strap up your laces and get ready for some FUN!

    No Equipment Needed
    Suggested: Dance Bands™
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