Watch this video and more on DanceBody

Watch this video and more on DanceBody

005 - Dance Cardio 101

CARDIO • 17m

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  • 006 - Dance Cardio 101

    Brain off, body on. In this workout with Katia, there are no set dances, just follow along!

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  • Full Out Q2 2020

    In this workout led by Courtnay, you will see our set dances that showcase quicker transitions and fancier footwork. These dances will be sure to unleash your inner dancer. Best for Advanced DanceBodies.

    Suggested Equipment: Dance Bands

  • Signature Q2 2020

    This Signature Dance Cardio workout with Katia showcases our set dances that change every three months, giving you the ability to truly practice, perfect, and perform. Give yourself 3-5 classes to get the moves.

    Suggested Equipment: Dance Bands