Titles Available for Purchase

  • Pay-Per-View LIVE: 90s Dance Party Vol. 2 - 3/10

    1 video  |   Buy $20

    She’s got the power! Wear your neon everything and get ready for good vibrations with Katia for an unforgettable mix of her favorite 90’s songs, artists, and dances. Are you ready for this?!

    45 min cardio | 30 min sculpt
    Signature/ Follow along dances

  • Pay-Per-View LIVE: Level 10: Sig vs Full Out- 3/13

    1 video  |   Buy $20

    Unleash your inner dancer and challenge yourself to a 75 minute mashup of Signature and Full Out dances from the past. With Courtnay + Natalie leading the charge, this epic duo will have you drenched in one serious sweat… they don’t do boring!

    60 min cardio | 15 min sculpt
    Full Out / Signature

  • Pay-Per-View LIVE: Latin Heat - 3/16

    1 video  |   Buy $15

    Bailando, bailando! Katia’s hips don’t lie, and neither will your muscles after this spicy mix of latin beats. Get ready to burn the floor with dances to Pitbull, Shakira, JLo, and MORE! Warning: extreme heat may be experienced.

    60 min dance cardio
    Signature / Follow along style

  • Pay-Per-View LIVE: 80’s Dance Party Vol. 2 - 3/20

    1 video  |   Buy $20

    Now wait a minute, y'all. This dance ain't for everybody...only the sexy people. So all you fly #DanceBodyBabes, get on out there and dance! Dance, we said! Bring your boom box and meet the legendary duo, Natalie + Mindi, on the dance floor for a mix of 80’s songs, artists, and Signature dances.